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Important Update: Due to the month of Ramadan, I will be limiting my session times until May 13th. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

As a coach, my job is to provide objective, unbiased feedback, and to act as a facilitator in guiding you toward the right decision.

60 OR 90-minute phone or video consultation

  • 60 Minute Sessions – Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri
  • 90 Minute Sessions – Tues, Thurs, Sat

– Text support (Mon-Thurs 10 am-5 pm)

– Unlock what you want to work through (long-term, short-term, interests, insecurities, etc)

  • Disclaimer: Must be 18+ for any and all appointments!!!
  • Disclaimer: All appointments are in Pacific Standard Time so please book accordingly



It’s no secret that breaking up in today’s society can be frustrating. Not connecting with your partner, being ignored, disappointing dates, and “ghosting” have all become too common yet overwhelming. 

So, allow me to help you with the blind spots in yours.

16 reviews for Breakup/ Relationship Coaching

  1. Taylor (verified owner)

    The conversation I had in regard to my break up recovery was some of the most insightful advice I have received through my healing process. It was authentic and straightforward. More than anything I felt safe in the space and Arrezo took time to listen to my thoughts. Although it’s painful, growing is a part of the process. I am grateful for my session and encourage others to try it out as a way to express their feelings.

  2. Anna (verified owner)

    Arezzo is thoughtful and patient. After looking up her blog and watching her vids she was a good match for me. Breakups are painful but moving on is key, she reminded me that it is unfair to take on all the blame and it important to not fixate on my ex but to grow and learn from this relationship. If you like her tik tok advice book a personal session if you need to sort out your feelings.

  3. Kam

    Was extremely helpful gives amazing advice and is very patient. She gives and amazing insight on what has happened, she is able to show you why things have happened and how to recover from a break up

  4. Lee (verified owner)

    Arezzo took the time to thoroughly listen and say truly meaningful and insightful things. After just one session, I felt she completely understood me and offered very well informed advice to help get through a hard time. 10/10, I recommend her!

  5. Jess (verified owner)

    Arrezo really helped me through my breakup, she also even helped when I started to fall back into the new steps of the breakup after my healing. Speaking to her really changed how I view the breakup and using the steps she provides, literally saved me.

  6. Janet (verified owner)

    Sometimes after a break up all you want is someone to listen & that’s exactly what Arrezo did. She made me feel safe and comfortable enough to be able to open up & express myself. She gave me so much insight that I now view not just my breakup, but myself differently as well. I definitely recommend!

  7. Susan (verified owner)

    I saw Arrezo on TikTok, and she gave amazing advice!! So I thought I would do a session with her to see if I could get a new perspective, and advice! I did the 90 minute session with her, and after that I felt a lot better. She was caring, understanding, and really helped me to understand myself more and the relationship. Arrezo is seriously amazing and I would recommend, and come back to her again for support!

  8. Pablo Ayala

    From the very first minute of the session I felt heard and understood. I went into this not exactly knowing how it would be but I finally felt heard, received some amazing encouragement and thoughts on the matter. I’ll recommend to anyone going through a similar situation. 10000000/10

  9. Diana

    Honestly, booking this appointment was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Arrezo was amazing and it felt like I was talking to a long term friend. She listened to my problem without judgment and helped me understand my current situation better. It was really nice to hear an outsiders prospective. The feedback I got was amazing and I recommend her services.

  10. V (verified owner)

    I saw Arezzo on TikTok as well, and she has truly been a God send! Really understanding and gave me a new perspective on my situation. She makes you feel comfortable and really just feels like you’re talking to a friend. I’m not someone who is familiar with therapy, but she’s really changed how I feel about it. I would highly recommend her to anyone, 100/10

  11. N (verified owner)

    I saw Arrezo on tik tok & I decided to schedule a 90 minute session with her! I’m glad I scheduled with her because every minute spent talking to her helped me a lot. She gave great advice & had much insight to share with me based upon her knowledge & experiences. I definitely recommend scheduling with her!

  12. Karina

    I am so glad I made the decision to speak with Arrezo, she gave me some great tips and points on when speaking with my S/O. She guided me on the decisions I was already planning on making and being able to have someone talk to me as if I knew her for years. I would definitely recommend her for any decisions you have, she will tell you the truth.

  13. Michael B (verified owner)

    My first session with Arrezo was absolutely eye-opening and transformative. Before this, I had never stepped into therapy about breakups specifically. This most recent breakup hit pretty hard and I just felt the need to talk to someone outside of my inner circle, someone who didn’t know me, without judgment, and really just a person who can help me understand what I was going through with keen insight. Arrezo was immediately welcoming. She has such a way of connecting with her clients in a way where it doesn’t feel like you’re talking with someone who’s trying to get you to bring up past trauma, but rather she just finds a very simple way to connect with you. It really just felt like talking to an old friend. She provided me with not only the answers I wanted about what I was going through but also gave me insight from an educational perspective as to why the other person from the relationship did what they did. I’m now seeing life with a little more clarity and have a better understanding of how to navigate relationships from here on out. Everyone should book Arrezo because she is super helpful and you’ll walk out of your session feeling like you understand yourself just a little bit better than before.

  14. Daniela Hernandez (verified owner)

    Booking an appointment changed my life for the better. Can’t thank her enough for the insightful advice she gave me! She really gave me the clarity I needed to move on in my life and now I’m happier than ever!

  15. Caitlin Gutta (verified owner)

    I was in a place in my relationship where I felt so defeated and worthless. I saw Arrezo on TikTok and the advice she gave just hit home for me. After searching for advice from friends and family I still felt unsure of my feelings so I decided to book a session! It was the best decision I ever made! Arrezo was a complete stranger to me, but she was so kind and personable she made it easy to open up and share all my concerns and thoughts on my relationship. She took the extra time to make sure our conversation ended in a place that I was feeling more confident in my thoughts about my relationship than when the conversation began. I was able to move on from my relationship by taking the simple steps that seemed so difficult thanks to Arrezo. Please reach out to her if you are feeling unsure, it will do nothing but help! She’s one of a kind and I have nothing but high praise and admiration for her!

  16. Mark (verified owner)

    Inquisitive, insightful, and authentic, Arrezo’s perspective, professionalism, and candidness provided both relief and clarity, and I’m grateful for our conversation.

    I highly recommend booking a session with her if you’re looking for an outside perspective on how to process and proceed with your relationship (to yourself and others).

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